artificial grass services

At Mãos Verdes we offer artificial grass services that endeavour to give you what you want at the best price and greatest convenience to you. Think of us like building blocks.


We can do as little or as much of your installation, as you want.

The first thing you should do is approximate the cost implications so that you are aware of an approximate budget for the job. We ask you please to do this first before asking an installer to call round and measure up properly.

         Step 1 : imagine your area as a rectangle then calculate the l x w to get to square                       metres.

         Step 2 : multiply this by the chosen cost per square metre of grass then you have                         an approximate cost for grass

         Step 3 : Using the same figures allow for between 20 and €30 per m2 for                                     excavation, filling with crushed rock, weed membrane and fixing materials

         Step 4 : Add the 2 together and you have a very approximate cost of the                                       installation. Of course all installations vary slightly, but it is a starting point.


Look through our website, read the magazine articles and FAQs, and you will get a flavour for the advantages that a Mãos Verdes artificial grass services can give you.

By all means contact us for advice to help you with your decision.


One of our installers can visit you and talk you through the complete installation process, which is not complicated.


We can measure your project and provide a free estimate of your requirements. From this you can “cherry pick” exactly what you want us to do on your behalf, in an agreed timescale.


Much of the work can be done by yourself, or your established gardener or handy-man. We can advise.


If you do the preparation yourselves we can quote to deliver and install, or simply supply you with all the requisites to complete the job yourself.


Just talk with us and you will be pleasantly surprised to quickly and easily you can have a Mãos Verdes lawn and start saving money and reaping all the considerable benefits.