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The grass is greener at Centro Infantil da Vila da Luz!

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Centro Infantil da Vila da Luz has greatly improved its crèche playground. Local artificial grass company Mãos Verdes has donated 450 m2 of playground grass to the school.

Natural grass would not grow in the playground and over the years the area became basically a dusty, dirty area that the children couldn’t use in safety.

Following the transformation the children can now range free over the whole playground, and much to the delight of staff and parents, they come in clean. The playground can also be used all year round as the playing surface is consistently clean.

A spokesman for Maos Verdes said that “We wanted to do something to help in Luz, which is our home turf, specifically in a school, as we have improved many schools in surrounding villages. As soon as we saw the playground area at the crèche we decided that this was the one. The appreciation of the directors and staff of the school, and fact that the local children now have a much greater area to play in is reward enough.”

The grass was installed free of charge by José Santos of Vilsan 910 660 417.

For more information regarding Mãos Verdes see their website or call Nelia 934 816 122.

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